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In Major BDS Victory, Bay Area Activists Prevent Docking of Israeli-Operated Cargo Ship, Call for International Solidarity Pickets

Following the latest escalation of Israeli violence against Palestinians, an Arab community organization has halted efforts of Israeli shipping giant to return to business-as-usual in Oakland

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Oakland, CA – For weeks, the Arab Resource & Organizing Center’s (AROC) #BlocktheBoat campaign has mobilized communities to successfully prevent the docking of vessels operated by Israeli shipping company ZIM. Thousands have signed up to answer the call to action at the Port of Oakland in solidarity with Palestine and the international BDS movement. Following AROC’s calls for a community picket at the port, the ZIM-operated Volans ship has not docked in Oakland for 10 days after the originally scheduled docking date.

AROC and allies are now calling for an international week of action from June 2 – June 9th. Social justice organizations in port cities are being asked to amplify the #BlockTheBoat victory against Israeli apartheid in Oakland by organizing community pickets to prevent ZIM ships from being worked and unloaded anywhere.

AROC first called on communities to block ZIM-operated ships in the U.S. in 2014. With the support of rank and file workers in the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10, the AROC-led Block the Boat coalition successfully mobilized thousands to prevent the unloading of ZIM-operated vessels in the Port of Oakland. In a massive victory for advocates of Palestinian human rights, no ZIM-operated vessel has docked in the Port of Oakland since 2014, and many similar actions around the world have sprung up in the intervening years.

Recent calls for action against ZIM follow a call from labor unions in Palestine calling on workers and communities worldwide to refuse dealings with Israeli companies. On May 25th, the 10 unions representing Bay Area port workers, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Northern California District Council released a statement ‘in solidarity with Palestine and Palestinian communities across the world who are fighting for justice.’ #BlocktheBoat has received over 60 endorsements from labor unions, faith, and community organizations. 

In response to today’s international call to action, actions are already being organized in Tacoma, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, and Vancouver.

For real-time updates on status of Israeli-operated ship: text name and media outlet to (812) 562-5946. For more information on #BlocktheBoat visit 

The Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC) serves and organizes poor and working class Arab immigrants and organizes to overturn systems perpetuating forced migration, war and racism.



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Visits by politicians and parliamentarians to Israel that are organized by Israel lobby groups, including AIPAC and J Street in the U.S., cross our nonviolent Palestinian BDS picket line and harm our struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

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